A2i is a special program of the Prime Minister’s office- started with a view to provide support in building a digital nation through delivering services at the citizen’s doorsteps. Recently a2i has launched a digital platform for teenagers- ‘Kishore Konnect’, where they can share, upload and learn from creative multimedia content (e.g. books, movies, comic books) and important life lessons that can help develop their talent, social & personal skills, personality, and commitment to the welfare of the nation.

Homepage of ‘Kishore Konnect’

Among the different types of content presented by ‘Konnect’ there will be educational comics provided by Project Tiktaalik. Not only is this a big deal for Project Tiktaalik, it’s also a large step forward for Bangla comics. This is the first time that comics are officially recognized as a means for education. And although this is merely a step towards the unlimited possibilities for comics and cartoons, it will be a milestone in the path of Bangla comics.

For the full comics visit ‘Kishore Konnect’ website

Check out ‘Kishore Konnect’ website for all new comics from Project Tiktaalik.

Link: http://konnect.edu.bd/public/